Joe C and Suzanne Vega for web

Marlena on the Wall and Luka and The Queen and the Soldier. Suzanne Vega is artful and literate as always.. Thanks for the wine and conversation and laughs Suzanne.   Towne Crier, Beacon NY,  NOV 2014


Joe C and Ellis for Web

A great night with shinning spirit Ellis at Circle of Friends in Franklin MA!  Thanks Jake and Elli and Neale Eckstein for the photos!

Joe C with RJ Texas IRA

I LOVE RJ!  In Texas at Uncle Calvin’s  October 2014  Goosebumps and Harmonies! Photo Ira Hantz!

Joe Crookston 
Georgia I’m Here
 (Milagrito Records)

no depression

Joe Crookston wears his influences on his proverbial sleeve. It’s easy to imagine that Jackson Browne, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, John Denver and Dan Fogelberg were among those singer/songwriters frequenting his turntable as he came of age. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that Crookston makes music that’s rarely heard on radio any more. Illuminated by the California sunset and amplified like waves crashing on a lonely stretch of the California coast, Georgia I’m Here sounds like an album made in a time warp, brimming with the soft, sensual sounds once heard on the FM dial from coast to coast and beyond. Notably, Crookston’s no newcomer, and so it’s no surprise that his music sounds savvy and assured, lacking any hint of pretense or needless redundancy. He sings and strums like he’s been at it forever, like one of those aforementioned troubadours who shares tales woven from heartstrings and well-worn sentiments that give listeners something to which they can relate. The reference points are too numerous to mention, but a single listen to songs like the title track, “Impermanent Things,” “Fall Down as the Rain” and, in fact, all the rest quickly can convince any first-timer that Crookston’s faithful to a time-honored tradition. This is wonderful, engaging and gorgeous music, borne from an artist who fully deserves a boatload of acclamation. Be assured he’ll eventually get it, because once he’s heard, the raves and recognition surely won’t be far behind. (



ON MAY 18, 2014  the film, BLUE TATTOO  premiered in BUFFALO, NY  to a full house at Amherst Cinema. I am overflowing and amazed… 6 years ago my friend Debra Chesman had a thought…she introduced me to holocaust survivor Dina Jacobson….a seed was planted…I wrote and recorded the song Blue Tattoo…Then, film makers Marty Kerker & Rich Kellman heard the song and created this new documentary. Thoughts become real. seeds grow. Here’s to Dina Jacobson! Here’s to the creative impulse in all of us.  watch the trailer   HERE


I had a great time talking with Artie Martello at WIOX     HERE IS THE INTERVIEW



A Review in No Depression GEORGIA I’M HERE REVIEW in NO DEPRESSION   MAY 2014   LogoTANrootsmusic



Thanks to Jason Wilbur for hosting me on his show. I had a great time talking with him.  Click link  to hear the interview!  

in searchof a song


Blue Tattoo  ~ The Documentary 

blue_tattooMAY 18, 2014  FILM PREMIER at the Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival  A new documentary based on my song Blue Tattoo  Screenings:

Dipson Theatre | Sunday, May 18 | 5:30 pm

Blue Tattoo is a documentary film that relates how songwriter Joe Crookston of Ithaca, NY and Holocaust survivor Dina Jacobson of Elmira, NY came together to form a unique friendship with a common sense of purpose.

After meeting Dina at her home, Joe crafted the song Blue Tattoo based on her life experiences. The song is written from the perspective of Dina, newly emigrated to America, explaining the meaning of the blue tattoo on her arm to her four year old daughter, Connie, in a way that protects her child’s sense of innocence.


front cover Rochester 2014 for website


Thank You  Jeff Spevak… music writer at the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, NY for this great article. read below:



Buffalo Concert fiddle picture FOR website


BUFFALO NY   With The BlueBird Jubilee!   FEB 2014.  Quaker Friends Meeting House and some of the best acoustics in the Country!!!



STEEL CITY!!!  JAN 18 2014  WHAT A NIGHT – Thank you PHILLY- PHOENIXVILLE erikbalkey

I had a GREAT time producing Erik Balkey’s 2014 release “Everything Here is Great”   It was recorded in Ithaca at Wilburland Studios AND in Philadelphia at Morning Star Studio. It went straight to #1 on the Folk Acoustic DJ radio airplay charts. CONGRATS ERIK!   I LOVE producing music for others.  You know what producing is like to me?  Like listening to an artist deeply and hearing beyond their words into their soul and then helping them express what is so true for them that they may have lost sight of it.


Greg Klyma asked me to do the artwork for his 2014 release “Another Man’s Treasure”  We went for vintage, classic, old school, and treasure-filled imagery…  just like Mr Greg Klyma himself. The front cover is a painting, a drawing and an installation I built in Ithaca on the top floor of a barn filled with antiquated stereos and old radios. Check out Greg’s music!  CONGRATS on a great release GREG!!


f9c15f_995d92c24ff53a096901f4a4b8dde089.png_srz_282_186_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzBEST OF ARKANSAS 2013! 





WEKU KENTUCKY  NPR INTERVIEW September 13, 2013  (listen here)




Joe and David Francey



Tank Stage w/

David Francey

@ The Philadelphia Folk Festival

August 2013




BlueBird Jubilee August 20 2013


Ed Stilley Exhibit Fayetteville


The  The BlueBird Jubilee

@ Ellis Hollow Park

Ithaca, NY August 20, 2013

birthday cupcakes









@ the  Ed Stilley  ”True Faith, True Light” Exhibit

@ The Fayetteville Roots Festival

August 2013



House concert Photo









OZARK RADIO SHOW With Del McCoury & Iris Dement (listen here)

  • Fayetteville Roots Festival! What an honor to play a radio spot with
  • The Del McCoury Band and Iris Dement  click the link have a listen.
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